Prevention is Better than Cure!

This blogpost is written for the benefit of you, the reader, and directs you to John Renshaw, who is an experienced Chinese Herbalist and has been following the information coming out of China about how to best treat Covid-19 alongside modern medical protocols.

John Renshaw: M.B.ACc. M.R.C.H.M. Dip Ac. CL; Ac (Nanjing)

Mobile: 07939090412


At the intial stages there is an immune boosting herbal formula we can all take which; I have seen directly that it has already helped a number of people we know. One friend who came down with strong symptoms of sore throat, extreme achiness and lethargy, told me that after the first herbal medicine dose he felt:

“it turned things around. Instead of feeling like the symptoms were completely on top of me, I felt they were thankfully under control”.


Report from John:

How COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) is Currently Treated in  Chinese hospitals with TCM. 

As a trained herbalist I have been studying the protocols and experiences gained on the front line in Chinese hospitals, especially regarding herbal formulas.

They have commonly been using several radically different herbal formulas depending on how COVID -19 manifests differently in people, and at different stages of progression.

Where appropriate CT scans, xrays and diagnostic testing