Cindy Faulkner, Shiatsu MRSS

Cindy Faulkner  BA MRSS has been involved with movement and healing for over 30 years. In 2000 she qualified in Zen Shiatsu after 3 years with the Shiatsu College and is a Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society. She has undertaken further studies in Barefoot Shiatsu and is able to advise on diet, exercise, breathing and meditation if needs be.

Her main interest in shiatsu is helping clients find a state of conscious relaxation where there is a synchronisation of their physical, energetic and mental state. From here, it is possible to work with whatever problematic condition is presenting.

Quote from client:

“I met Cindy several years ago and as well as treating me, she has collaborated with us on our Executive Decision Making programmes, showing clients how Mindfulness Meditation or Shiatsu can help them learn how better to manage their state of mind, cope with stresses, make good decisions and gain perspective.

She is a wonderful shiatsu practitioner and an intuitive and wise guide.”