As the ‘Jiu’ part of the inseparable chinese character phrase ‘Zhen Jiu’ the therapy and craft of moxabustion is an essential part of acupuncture therapy.

acupuncture moxabustion chinese characters

The Chinese characters ‘Zhen Jiu’ – acupuncture moxabustion therapy

Moxabustion refers to the application of heat on or very near to the skin in order to stimulate local micro-circulation and more profoundly,by using moxa on influential acupuncture points, to  initiate greater circulations throughout the body. We all know the profound and relaxing feeling of heat and its effect on our body and mind. Moxabustion simply takes that basic response and applies it in a focussed and systematic way.

Traditionally the dried leaf mugwort – artemesia vulgaris – was used, applied either directly to the skin or pressed onto the handle of the needle to send the heat deep into the body. This herb has special qualities:

  • when dried it can be refined into a fine fluffy form
  • the fluffiness of the ball makes it easy to shape and work with on application
  • it lights very easily and burns smoothly; not too fast or too slow
  • mugwort has a very pleasant and soothing aroma; an important factor in the therapeutic process

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