Prevention is Better than Cure!

If we catch the early signs of a respiratory tract infection, be it Covid or any other, we can use simple routines to lower the chance of it causing serious problems.

Covid-19 kills by blocking the airways and the lungs with thick mucus, as revealed from autopsies in China.


At the first signs: sore throat, discomfort, achey joints, temperature, fatigue… The virus can stay 3-4 days in the nose, mouth and throat, so using this simple routine at the earliest stages can make a big difference.

  1.   Drink hot liquids: sipping hot water (as hot as possible without being burning to the delicate tissue of mouth and throat). Try to sip at least every 20 minutes. This washes away any virus from the mouth down past the windpipe into the stomach where it is neutralised.
  2. Gargle with antiseptic twice daily- salt water, vinegar, lemon, tea tree,…
  3. Use honey/lemon drink regularly. Chew liquorice as this makes a coating the soft tissues of the throat.
  4. Use Chinese immune boosting herbs as indicated in the companion blog to this.

General preventative measures:

The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. Any detergent washing will kill it.Take a bath or shower straight after you get in from the street.

If you cannot wash your clothes hang them in direct sunlight which also kills the virus.

Wash metallic surfaces carefully as the virus stays viable longer there – up to 1 day+. Wipe down all hard surfaces regularly if there are people coming in and out of the house from the street.

Wash your hands after doing surface cleaning.

Eat foods that raise vitC and zinc levels as these are the two mos