For those interested in booking a Shiatsu appointment, please read through the following carefully:

To ensure the safety of all clients we have some rules for arriving at, entering, and leaving the clinic. I hope that you will understand these are for your safety and we will keep the environment welcoming and comfortable.

All patients must complete the Covid-19 screening and consent form prior to the appointment. Please print it off, fill it in and bring it when you come to the centre.

click here for Covid Screening Form

Please come at the time of the appointment, or if early please message me on 07913 488515 to check if it is okay for you to enter the clinic. Wearing a mask is recommended and I have some at the clinic if needed.

I will greet you wearing a mask and confirm your screening questions. Please do not touch anything, including doors or door handles. I will do this for you. Only one person to come to the session (unless patient is a child or has additional needs).

Please wear long sleeves, long trousers and bring or wear socks. If you think you will need an extra covering during the treatment, please bring a lightweight shawl or blanket. Otherwise only bring into the clinic what you need to pay and rebook ie. Phone/diary, correct cash or cheque in an envelope, no other personal belongings. No handbags & rucksacks please.

Upon entering the clinic you must wash/sanitise your hands and proceed straight to the treatment room (of course you may use the bathroom). I will give you a tissue to catch any coughs and sneezes.

At the end of the session I will escort you outside so you do not have contact with handles and surfaces.

These appointments will be available from Thursday 15th July.