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Vajra Dance Course


Vajra dance - a Moving Meditation Entering into the sound and movement of Vajra Dance, we experience joy and relaxation in our body, mind and energy. NEW!!! for 2022 A foundation course in Vajra Dance with Cindy Faulkner, authorised instructor. A 7 week course at West Wickham Village Hall, South [...]

Vajra Dance Course2021-12-01T20:59:35+00:00

Shiatsu Open for Treatments


For those interested in booking a Shiatsu appointment, please read through the following carefully: To ensure the safety of all clients we have some rules for arriving at, entering, and leaving the clinic. I hope that you will understand these are for your safety and we will keep the environment welcoming and comfortable. All [...]

Shiatsu Open for Treatments2020-07-11T21:16:00+01:00

Open as Normal for Treatments


5th July 2020 Dear clients and patients, I’m happy to announce that we are now  open for all patients who would like to have either acupuncture or massage treatments. We continue to adhere to our safe practice guidelines as outlined below. To ensure the safety of all clients we have some rules for arriving [...]

Open as Normal for Treatments2020-07-10T15:05:12+01:00

Re-opening in June 2020


1st June 2020 Dear clients and patients, This is just to let you know that I am now in a position to offer limited appointments. I have received guidance from the British Acupuncture Council to say that we are once again insured to see clients for face to face treatment. Initially I will only [...]

Re-opening in June 20202020-06-07T21:34:15+01:00

Homeopathy recommendations for Covid-19


Prevention is Better than Cure! Recommended by Jermey Sherr, homeopathic expert on epidemics: as a preventative - Aconite 30c twice a day for two days (am/pm) Ant trat and phos ac 30c twice a day each alternating for three days. Finish this 5 day protocol and then only repeat if you think you [...]

Homeopathy recommendations for Covid-192020-06-01T15:29:02+01:00

Chinese Herbs to Boost the Immune System at the onset of Covid-19


Prevention is Better than Cure! This blogpost is written for the benefit of you, the reader, and directs you to John Renshaw, who is an experienced Chinese Herbalist and has been following the information coming out of China about how to best treat Covid-19 alongside modern medical protocols. John Renshaw: M.B.ACc. M.R.C.H.M. Dip [...]

Chinese Herbs to Boost the Immune System at the onset of Covid-192020-04-03T10:52:59+01:00

Prevention is Better than Cure!


Prevention is Better than Cure! If we catch the early signs of a respiratory tract infection, be it Covid or any other, we can use simple routines to lower the chance of it causing serious problems. Covid-19 kills by blocking the airways and the lungs with thick mucus, as revealed from autopsies in [...]

Prevention is Better than Cure!2020-04-02T20:42:20+01:00

Intermittant Fasting and the Insulin Paradox


Intermittent fasting is a recent buzzword which refers to regular episodic fasting. Probably this has become most well known in the UK through the 5-2 diet popularised on TV by Michael Mosely. Why would we dream of forgoing food for hours or even days? There are several good reasons: give the insulin system a [...]

Intermittant Fasting and the Insulin Paradox2017-07-20T13:04:01+01:00
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