Homeopathy recommendations for Covid-19


Prevention is Better than Cure! Recommended by Jermey Sherr, homeopathic expert on epidemics: as a preventative - Aconite 30c twice a day for two days (am/pm) Ant trat and phos ac 30c twice a day each alternating for three days. Finish this 5 day protocol and then only repeat if you think you [...]

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Chinese Herbs to Boost the Immune System at the onset of Covid-19


Prevention is Better than Cure! This blogpost is written for the benefit of you, the reader, and directs you to John Renshaw, who is an experienced Chinese Herbalist and has been following the information coming out of China about how to best treat Covid-19 alongside modern medical protocols. John Renshaw: M.B.ACc. M.R.C.H.M. Dip [...]

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Prevention is Better than Cure!


Prevention is Better than Cure! If we catch the early signs of a respiratory tract infection, be it Covid or any other, we can use simple routines to lower the chance of it causing serious problems. Covid-19 kills by blocking the airways and the lungs with thick mucus, as revealed from autopsies in [...]

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Acupuncture Helps Knee Pain!


Acupuncture relieves knee pain! Our knees, often taken for granted until they go wrong, are powerful joints daily taking a lot of weight and often considerable forces to boot. As such they deserve care and maintenance and if they should start to go wrong early treatment is vital. There are a number of [...]

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